Autumn vines, Baudreville, France, 2007

Clothing ~ Waterproof Rain Pants

GoLite™ Reed Ultralight Rain Pants – 168 grams

I became a big fan of the GoLite Reed pants during my 1,200 mile walk across France and Spain in 2009. At only 168 grams (5.9 ounces) these were an effortless pleasure to carry under blue skies, and were a great windproof, waterproof outer layer when the weather got rough. After months on the trail, they’re still in ready to go condition.

GoLite Reed ultralight waterproof rain pants

I like them because they have no bells and whistles and a nice relaxed fit, without being baggy. Ample room at the knee gives unrestricted movement, even when wearing a Townsend off-loader knee brace, which is a serious piece of hardware for walking with arthritis.
They have relatively short (shorter is lighter) 12″ ankle zips, which is a little snug for pulling them on quickly over ankle high trail shoes. This never caused me any grief. Squeezing them over heavy hiking boots might take a little practice.

The GoLite website says they’re “Temporarily Out of Stock”, and so far there hasn’t been an update on a new shipment. There are still a few pairs out there on-line.

GoLite has introduced the Tumalo Pertex™ 2.5-Layer Storm Pant. It also has some nice basic features, but in keeping with GoLite’s trend, the new model is heavier (by a whole ounce!) than the old. (Why do they keep doing this?)

Bottom Line: I’m very happy with my Reeds, and if they come back in stock, I’ll buy a spare pair because they’ve become so rare. In the mean time, I have mine packed up safely and ready to go. Absent some new surprise, on my next longwalk I’ll once again pray for rain in my ultralight GoLite Reed pants. Recommended.

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