Standard tools - Swiss Army™ scissors
Standard tools – Victorinox SwissCard™ Scissors.

Gear – Scissors

Victorinox SwissCard™ Scissors — 6.7 grams

These are the endlessly useful, remarkably sharp, effective, and durable scissors from Victorinox™, maker of the venerable Swiss Army™ knife. It’s the stand-alone version of the tool found on many models of Swiss Army knives that comes in the credit card-sized Victorinox SwissCard. (I also like the Swiss Army™ tweezers, but usually leave the rest of the stuff behind). I use these scissors almost daily ~ for all sorts of trimming-clipping-cutting, and they work great for trimming nails. Highly Recommended!

Bottom line:

On my next walk ~ I’ll carry this fabulous little snipper in my Sharps Kit (as I have several times before). SwissCards are also available from REI.

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