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Furry friend or foe?

A canine friend on the trail from Lyon to Le Puy

Dogs on the trail

One topic that comes sniffing around every once in a while concerns dogs, and meeting them on the trail.

You can read about encounters with packs of snarling dogs, and I’m sure they do occur from time to time. So far, after thousands of miles walking solo in France and Spain, it has never happened to me and I’ve never met anyone with such a story. I’m definitely not minimizing the concern – dog attacks can happen anywhere, and let’s face it, gnashing teeth are scary.

I’m a “dog person”, so I have a positive bias, but I’ve known animals that were fearsome and even vicious. So I’m happy to offer this good news: I’ve never been nipped yet. These are some memories of dogs in France and Spain. (more…)

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