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Have a Happy Hiking Holiday

An ultralight list of gift ideas

Every year I get asked about “the perfect holiday gift” for the friend or family longwalker.  Since backpackers don’t want to carry anything extra, you don’t need anything big.  Think small.  Here are a few ultralight stocking stuffers.

Safety first.  Some of these trails are long, and people few and far between.  The next village or campsite may be “just over the next hill”, but it is over the hill.  This Fox 40 Micro Whistle is basic safety gear, one of the key components of any hiker’s kit.  You never know when one false step can put you in need of help, so be ready to call out.  Super loud, and only 5 grams. (more…)

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A Longwalking Packing List

Footpath through the Gers

My 2011 Pro Forma 30-Day List – Gear, Clothing, Supplies

Creating a gear and clothing list is one of the principal ways of planning a long-distance, and crucial if you want to start off with everything essential, no extra payload, and with the minimum possible weight for your needs.

This is a detailed list of everything – all clothing, gear, equipment, and supplies – that I’m planning to use for a walk across France in 2011. Although it continues to evolve, this is the current, latest, up-to-date list. It’s grouped by what I will have, which is not necessarily how I will carry it. It includes clothing to be worn.

This is an updated list of what I used during a 12-week walk across France, the Pyrenées, and Spain, from late April to early July, 2009. For my experience and purposes, this is adequate to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, for example. (No camping gear was used, or is included.)


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Longwalk 2011 ~ Chemin d’Arles, part 1

Into the Gers, approaching Montreal, France, 2009

Books & Trail Guides

In 2011, we plan to return to Europe for several weeks of walking in France on the long-distance GR hiking trails, called les sentiers de grande randonnée. The exact route(s) are still being considered, as is the departure date, but we are currently planning to walk along the ancient series of trails known as the Chemin d’Arles (the road from Arles), starting in early Spring. This article covers the FFRP topo-guides, trail guides, and books about the various sections of the GR 653 route. (more…)

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Yummy Sleeping

out of the hills to the road

The Miam Miam Dodo Guides to Walking in France

One of the best resources for Santiago pilgrims and other long-distance walkers in France is a series of guides with the funny name Miam Miam Dodo. This is French baby talk that roughly translates to “Yum Yum Nighty Night”. (more…)

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Camino de Santiago ~ Video Finder

road beyond cizur menor

Recommended Clips about the Camino Francés

Here is a collection of interesting videos about the Camino de Santiago. This section focuses on the classic “French Route” from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, over the Pyrennées, across northern Spain, the meseta, up into Galicia, and finally to Santiago de Compostela. We’ve selected these clips for their interesting, informative, practical and inspirational content. (more…)

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Walking in Spain ~ the Pilgrim Passport

Camino de Santiago - pilgrim passport - credencial de peligrino

The “Credencial del Peregrino”

The credencial is the primary document used to authenticate your pilgrimage on any of the many routes of the Camino de Santiago. Although the the Saint James Way was established by medieval Catholic believers, there is no religious requirement to qualify for a credencial; it is equally valid whether used in an act of faith, religious commitment, cultural curiosity, or purely athletic endeavor. The only real moral component is that it is for pilgrims, and not ordinary tourists looking for bargain lodgings.


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