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Longwalk 2011 ~ Chemin d’Arles, part 1

Into the Gers, approaching Montreal, France, 2009

Books & Trail Guides

In 2011, we plan to return to Europe for several weeks of walking in France on the long-distance GR hiking trails, called les sentiers de grande randonnĂ©e. The exact route(s) are still being considered, as is the departure date, but we are currently planning to walk along the ancient series of trails known as the Chemin d’Arles (the road from Arles), starting in early Spring. This article covers the FFRP topo-guides, trail guides, and books about the various sections of the GR 653 route. (more…)

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Trail Angels

Two angels on the road to Saint-Galmier

They really are looking out for us

One of the greatest, and always unexpected joys of going for a wander, is the people you meet along the way.

This is nowhere more special than in France. The great trails of Europe, the “sentiers de grande randonnĂ©e”, have been active footpaths for many centuries, and all along the trails, particularly the ancient pilgrim trails of leading to St-Jacques-Compostelle, various local people do what they can to make the pilgrim’s passage a happy one. (more…)

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Walking in Spain ~ the Pilgrim Passport

Camino de Santiago - pilgrim passport - credencial de peligrino

The “Credencial del Peregrino”

The credencial is the primary document used to authenticate your pilgrimage on any of the many routes of the Camino de Santiago. Although the the Saint James Way was established by medieval Catholic believers, there is no religious requirement to qualify for a credencial; it is equally valid whether used in an act of faith, religious commitment, cultural curiosity, or purely athletic endeavor. The only real moral component is that it is for pilgrims, and not ordinary tourists looking for bargain lodgings.


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