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Camino de Santiago ~ Video Finder

road beyond cizur menor

Recommended Clips about the Camino Francés

Here is a collection of interesting videos about the Camino de Santiago. This section focuses on the classic “French Route” from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, over the Pyrennées, across northern Spain, the meseta, up into Galicia, and finally to Santiago de Compostela. We’ve selected these clips for their interesting, informative, practical and inspirational content. (more…)

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The Camino del Cid

Map of the camino del cid

Follow “the Leader”, El Cid Campeador

For most people, walking in Spain usually refers to the legendary Camino del Santiago, and specifically the Camino Frances, which in fact is only one of a dozen-odd trails leading to Santiago de Compostela. But there are many trails that crisscross Spain, and one of the newest – still somewhat in development – is the Camino del Cid, which starts in his birthplace, Vivar del Cid, just north of Burgos and heads south through some of the remotest lands of Europe to Elche in Alicante province, near Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast. (more…)

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Walking in Spain ~ the Pilgrim Passport

Camino de Santiago - pilgrim passport - credencial de peligrino

The “Credencial del Peregrino”

The credencial is the primary document used to authenticate your pilgrimage on any of the many routes of the Camino de Santiago. Although the the Saint James Way was established by medieval Catholic believers, there is no religious requirement to qualify for a credencial; it is equally valid whether used in an act of faith, religious commitment, cultural curiosity, or purely athletic endeavor. The only real moral component is that it is for pilgrims, and not ordinary tourists looking for bargain lodgings.


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